A job out of Passion !!!

Passionate about trade since always, many positions in this field and the discovery of Africa in 2014 through family, was born the Wolof Art Design shop at the end of 2014.

I have always been doing this job with passion. After training in e-commerce, I started selling this West African craft online, but this business did not suit me, so in 2016 I started opening a physical store; a real business in the historic district of Vitré near the Castle.

The brand is developing by participating in numerous trade fairs. We will also see the sign in the review “Mlle Adèle” of Rennes for many years. The shop is moving and settling in March 2020 at 10 rue de la Poterie in Vitré for better visibility.

My business is ethical business; I help crafts in Africa to promote themselves and despite my small business, this activity helps a lot of modest families.

I work with skilled craftsmen in their know-how. I do not buy my products from wholesalers in France. I go myself on the spot in Africa to create, order, prepare all the wonders that I can offer you. I am therefore live “Artisan” because I do not see my business any other way. All products in the shop are handmade on site in Senegal.

The goods are sent by my organization. The flagship products of the store are the noble hammered metal pieces made by craftsmen in Senegal. Then come the baskets entirely woven by women in Thiès.

The magnificent fixed or under glasses also exist in several variations such as frames, trays and other objects of all kinds made in Dakar, capital of Senegal. The range of products is expanding with Wax and Woven Pagne accessories.

Some products also come from Madagascar, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Togo.


Some products also come from:



-Ivory Coast



I mainly travel to Senegal and on site I load the goods and unload them as you can see in Rennes in France.